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Corowa Campus

Contact details

Phone: 02 6033 7400 AltText
Postal address: PO Box 222
NSW 2646
Location: 2 Murray St
Fax: 02 6033 2955
Contact: Pablo Villegas

About Corowa Campus

Corowa Campus

TAFE training in your local area


Corowa Shire is a prospering rural community centrally located on the majestic Murray River in New South Wales between Sydney and Melbourne, within easy travelling distance to the rural cities of Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Wagga Wagga, Shepparton and the Nation’s Capital, Canberra.

The campus offers a range of courses with specialist training in Metal Fabrication, Fine Arts, Nursing and Office Studies.

Students from Corowa campus receive national and international recognition, with dedicated and professional staff and a stimulating and welcoming environment.  We value each and every student and are committed to ensuring a fair go for all

Our students make good use of their time discovering new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.  Recreating and transforming their lives and the lives of those around them, changing and influencing the life of our community.  If we can be a part of your learning, we would love to hear from you. 


Contact details

2 Murray Street (PO Box 222)
Corowa 2646
Phone 02 6033 7400
Fax 02 6033 2955

Courses available through Corowa

For information on courses offered through Corowa Campus, contact

Customer Service Officer
Phone (02) 6033 7400

or email Corowa Course Information

Want to know more about Corowa?

Corowa Shire Council

Corowa Campus

Corowa Campus is located at 2 Murray Street Corowa.

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Course name Campus Qualification Study type Semester Number Start Date
Business Corowa Certificate II PTD S2/2014 11733 14/07/2014
Business Corowa Certificate III PTD S2/2014 11734 14/07/2014
Business Corowa Certificate III S2/2014 11734 TBA
Business Corowa Certificate II FT S2/2014 11733 17/11/2014
Business Corowa Certificate II PTD S2/2014 11733 20/10/2014
Introduction to Computers Corowa Statement of Attainment PTD S2/2014 10429 17/07/2014
Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways Corowa Certificate II PTD S2/2014 20108
Spoken and Written English Corowa Certificate I PTD S2/2014 14009 15/07/2014
Using Advanced Software Functions (in an Office Environment) Corowa Statement of Attainment Flex S2/2014 17818 07/10/2014
Workforce Development Implementation Skill Set Corowa Statement of Attainment S2/2014 14045
Workforce Planning and Development Skill Set Corowa Statement of Attainment S2/2014 14046 Contact campus.