TAFE to University

TAFE to University Partnerships

Students studying at Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels may be able to gain recognition towards university degrees where there is a match in course content between two programs of study. Riverina Institute students:

  • Benefit from strategic partnerships with universities.
  • Gain Diploma and Degree qualifications in less time.
  • Gain employment with your TAFE qualifications while you undertake your university degree.
  • Benefit from both TAFE and university learning perspectives.

Most universities in Australia provide credit for TAFE Diploma studies into university degrees. That means that what you study at TAFE will be taken into account when starting a University degree. That’s what’s known as a credit. The amount of credit provided by a specific university for a specific course may vary, so it’s best to check the university’s website to find out what credit you will receive.

At Riverina Institute, we’ve collaborated with the following Higher Education providers to cultivate partnerships that support and enable our students to reach their goals with nationally recognised qualifications which will provide a distinct educational advantage and a step ahead in their career.

You can benefit from pathway programs that have been in place for a number of years. These pathway programs enable you to study with both institutions and graduate with a number of nationally recognised qualifications, including a diploma from Riverina Institute and a university degree.

Programs are offered in two ways:

  1. Pathway, or articulated, where students complete their TAFE qualifications and then continue their studies at university, and
  2. Integrated, where students are co-enrolled in both Riverina Institute and a university

With these programs, students benefit from studying in the supportive TAFE environment as well as building their credits towards a university degree.

Deakin University - Pathways Program

Riverina Institute students are guaranteed entry to Deakin University! On completion of your TAFE qualifications you will be guaranteed a place in your chosen pathway course at Deakin.

Courses available through the program are:

Riverina Institute
Deakin University

Diploma of Accounting (FNS50210)

Bachelor of Commerce (M300)

Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50613)

Advanced Diploma of Management (Human
Resources) (BSB60907)

Diploma of Management (BSB51107)

Bachelor of Management (M325)

Advanced Diploma of Management (BSB60407)

Diploma of Civil Construction Design (RII50513)

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) (S460)

Diploma of Electrical Engineering (UEE50411)

Bachelor of Electrical and
Electronics Engineering (Honours) (S461)

Diploma of Electrical Engineering (UEE50411)

Bachelor of Mechanical
Engineering (Honours) (S462)

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

 For more information about this great program visit the Deakin-Riverina Pathway program and watch this video.


Charles Sturt University (CSU) - Integrated and Pathway Degree Programs

Integrated and Pathway Degree Programs allow you to start your studies at TAFE in a supportive and familiar environment, building credits toward a CSU Bachelor Degree as you progress through your course.

Riverina Institute offers Programs in:

Riverina Institute
Charles Sturt University

Certificate IV in Frontline Management (BSB40812)

Bachelor of Business Studies (2401BS)

Diploma of Management (BSB51107)

Advanced Diploma of Management (BSB60407)

Certificate IV in Human Resources (BSB41013)

Bachelor of Business Studies (2401BS)

Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50613)

Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources) (BSB60907)

Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking (ICA40411)

Bachelor of Information Technology

Diploma of Information Technology (Networking) (ICA50411)

Diploma of Visual Arts (CUV50111)

Bachelor of  Creative Arts (Fine Arts)

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (CUV60211)

Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV50311)

Bachelor of  Creative Arts (Graphic Design)

For more information about this program visit the CSU-Riverina Institute Pathway program and watch this video.

CSU TAFE to University & Pathway Scholarships

You can also apply for the Charles Sturt University’s ‘TAFE to University and Pathway’ Scholarship. The scholarship is open to Diploma or Advanced Diploma TAFE students or graduates from the last five years who will be commencing with CSU in 2015 (whether studying on-campus or by distance). The scholarships are valued at $2500, paid over one year for a full time student, and two years for a part time student. Applications close in February 2015.

For more information see CSU TAFE to University & Pathway Scholarship

University of Southern Queensland (USQ) - Articulation Agreement

The University of Southern Queensland operates in accordance with AQF guidelines and offers graduates of accredited national training packages, from RTOs, credits into selected undergraduate degree programs. A VET diploma may be used to obtain, at most, eight units of credit.

The commencement date of the agreement will be 1 August 2014 and will be reviewed by 31 December 2017.

Upon completion of the Diploma of Surveying and Spatial Information Services (GIS) (CPP50212) students can apply for direct entry into USQ programs and may receive up to eight credits in the following:

  • Associate Degree of Spatial Science (ADSS)
  • Bachelor of Spatial Science Technology (BSST)
  • Bachelor of Spatial Science (Honours) (BSPH)

Riverina Institute - A Higher Education Provider

Riverina Institute will soon offer its students the chance to complete Bachelor programs in collaboration with our university partners. As part of TAFE NSW, a registered Higher Education provider, Riverina Institute offers degree or post-graduate qualifications that will give you a practical, career-oriented education to prepare you for professional practice. Our strong links with industry also ensure our training programs align with current economic and employment needs.

Putting it simply, we give you the practical skills most-needed and valued by employers.

Beginning in semester 1, 2015 we will commence offering the following programs:

  •          Graduate Certificate in Leadership
  •          Graduate Diploma of Leadership (Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector)

Graduates of both these programs will be well equipped to excel in a range of leadership and management roles. Additionally, these programs are entirely online and can be studied in either full time or part time mode, whatever suits your own personal situation. More information 

Moving forward, Riverina Institute is in the midst of developing other Bachelor and Post Graduate programs to meet your needs.

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