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Assistive technology
Deaf & hearing impaired
Deaf & hearing impaired - adaptive technology
Government departments
Human rights
Intellectual disabilities
Physical disabilities
Sport & physical activities
Statistics online
Support services
Teaching & learning


Advocacy and Information Services - ADHC
Information about advocacy services for people with a disability who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Australian organisation representing people with complex communication needs and the people who live, know or work with them.

Australian Association of Special Education (AASE)
Australian organisation for the special education community.

Avokit - National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
Information to support advocacy for people with disabilities in connection with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Disability Advocacy and Information Service (DAIS)
Australian information about assisting the integration of people with disabilities into local communities in north east Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)
Network of support agencies across Australia that provide advocacy services.

Disabled Peoples International (DPI)
International network of organizations of disabled people which works to protect and develop their human rights.

Family Advocacy
Community-based social advocacy organisation working with NSW families where a child or adult has a developmental disability.

Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW (MDAA)
Information and support for people from a non-English speaking background (NESB) with disability and their families and carers in NSW.

National Disability Services (NDS)
Organisation representing the not-for-profit providers of disability services in Australia.

Office of the Public Guardian
Part of the NSW Attorney General’s Department which promotes the rights and interests of people with disabilities through guardianship, advocacy and education.

People with Disability Australia (PWD)
National peak disability rights and advocacy organisation.

Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)
Organisation representing women with all types of disabilities in Australia.

Assistive technology

Ability Technology
Information about computer technology for people with special needs.

Accessible Technology: A Guide for Educators
Information on accessibility and accessible technology resources to help teachers support their students.

ATA - Family Place in Cyberspace
Information and resources to support the assistive technology needs of families of children with disabilities.

DEAL Communication Centre
Information about Australian services for people who are unable to talk or makes themselves understood.

Enabling Devices
Toys and devices for children with special needs.

Radio for the Print Handicapped - NSW
The RPH Network has a membership of 18 AM/FM radio services around Australia, as well as digital radio services in the five mainland capitals. The service offers spoken word access to print media for those with a print disability.

Technical Solutions Australia
Information about assistive technology and electronic devices for people with disability.

ZYGO Australia
Information about speech generating devices and other technical aids for people with disabilities.

Deaf & hearing impaired

Auslan Signbank
Interactive dictionary of Auslan, Australian Sign Language, the language of the Deaf community in Australia.

Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association (ASLIA) - NSW
Professional organisation representing Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreters in New South Wales.

Deaf Australia
Organisation representing Deaf people and users of Auslan in Australia.

Deaf Education Network (NICAN)
Education division of The Deaf Society of NSW.

Deaf Society of NSW
Information about services and programs for Deaf people, including deaf people who may have disabilities such as visual impairment, cerebral palsy, or developmental delay.

Deaf Sports Australia (DSA)
Organisation responsible for developing access for the Deaf community to sporting activities in Australia.

Deaf Victoria
Information about advocacy and support for the Victorian Deaf community.

National Association of Australian Teachers of the Deaf
Professional body for teachers of the deaf throughout Australia.

World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)
International organisation of national associations of Deaf people working to improve human rights particularly for Deaf people who use sign language.

Deaf & hearing impaired - adaptive technology

Australian Communication Exchange (ACE)
Organisation assisting Deaf people or anyone with a hearing, speech or communication impairment to access telephone and other telecommunication networks.

Media Access Australia
Information about media access and the technology available to enhance access including captioning and audio description.

National Relay Service (NRS)
Australia-wide telephone access service provided for people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment.


CRS Australia
Australian Government provider of vocational rehabilitation services to assist people with a disability, injury or health condition to get and keep a job.

Disability Employment Australia
Information about Australian specialist employment services supporting people with a disability to get work in the open labour market.

Disability WORKS Australia (DWA)
Information and contact point for employers interested in recruiting people with disabilities.

Australian Government information, support and advice service for people with disability and their employers.

Government departments

Disability Services Division, Department of Human Services (DHS)
Information about programs and services available in Victoria to assist people with a disability.

FaHCSIA - Disabilities
Australian Government services and assistance for people with disabilities, their families and carers.

NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC)
Information about programs and services available in New South Wales to assist people with a disability.

Human rights

Disability Rights
HREOC information about the rights and responsibilities of individuals and organisations under the Disability Discrimination Act.

QuickLinks - Welfare - Human rights
Links to information about human rights issues.

Intellectual disabilities

Australasian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability (ASSID)
Information about research, services and support for people with intellectual or developmental disability.

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
Information about support and services for people with autism spectrum disorders, their families and communities.

Brain Injury Australia (BIA)
Australian organisation representing the interests and needs of people with acquired brain injury, their families and carers.

Endeavour Foundation: about disability
Background information about intellectual disability. Looks at how individuals with an intellectual disability contribute their skills within local communities.

Intellectual, Developmental and Learning Disabilities
HealthInsite information about intellectual disabilities, their rehabilitation and care.

Physical disabilities

Physical disabilities
HealthInsite information about physical disabilities, their rehabilitation and care.

Sport & physical activities

Disability Sport
The Disability Sport Unit (DSU) is part of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). It works to give Australians with disabilities opportunities to participate in sporting activities.

Statistics online

4445.0 - People with a Need for Assistance - A Snapshot, 2006
Details about people needing assistance as reported in the 2006 census. Information reported includes: age, sex, Indigenous status, state/territory, remoteness index, living arrangements, proficiency in English, labour force participation and occupation.

ABS Disability, Ageing and Carers
Links to statistics about older people, the incidence of disability and carers in Australian communities.

Support services

Are you someone who is ill, injured or has a disability?
Centrelink information about services and support programs.

Commonwealth Carelink Services Directory
Information about community, residential aged care, disability and other support services in Australia. - Disabilities
Information for Australian individuals and communities about living with a range of disabilities.

Disability referral guide
Directory of organisations, information services and complaints-handling agencies in NSW.

People with a disability
Information about support and services for people with disabilities and their carers in NSW.

Radio for the Print Handicapped - NSW
The RPH Network has a membership of 18 AM/FM radio services around Australia, as well as digital radio services in the five mainland capitals. The service offers spoken word access to print media for those with a print disability.

Support groups and related links
Links to NSW and Australian groups offering support for individuals and their carers.

Teaching & learning

Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET)
Information about inclusive teaching, learning and assessment strategies plus support services for people with disabilities.

Disability Access
Information on disability programs and services provided by the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Disability Programs
NSW Department of Education and Training information about programs available in government schools.

Just Like Us: A Resource for Student Representative Councils (SRCs) and Student Leaders
Guide to promote the inclusion of students with disabilities in school communities.

Special Education
Links to Australian support services and information for a range of disabilities.

Students with Disabilities
Victorian Department of Education information about programs available in government schools.

Students with Disabilities
Department of Education, Training and the Arts programs and services available to support students with disabilities in Queensland.

Teaching Students with Intellectual & Learning Disabilities in Vocational Education
ScoopIt links to information on teaching practices and technology for adults with intellectual and learning disabilities in VET.

Who's going to teach my child?
A NSW Department of Education and Training guide for parents of children with special learning needs.