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TAFE to university

Our commitment to providing our students with brilliant learning experiences and fast track pathways to employment is always at the forefront of everything we do.  This is why we continue to actively seek beneficial partnerships with universities throughout NSW and further afield. 

The benefits of starting your studies with Riverina Institute....

  • You can get through your studies faster
  • You pay less in enrolment fees
  • You study in smaller class sizes
  • You can make sure you like the career you've chosen before you commit to further study
  • You gain real ‘job ready’ experience with employers through work experience which makes you all the more attractive to potential employers
  • You can use Riverina Institute qualification to gain work while you continue your studies at university
  • You end up with a qualification that travels - meaning you can too!  

Our university programs

Deakin-Riverina Pathways Program

Charles Sturt University