TAFE NSW Riverina Institute’s draft Pesticide Use Notification Plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Pesticides Regulation 2009. The aim of this Plan is to meet the community’s general right to know about pesticide applications made to public places under the ownership, control or management by Riverina Institute. The Plan also sets out how Riverina Institute will notify members of the community of pesticide applications made by Riverina Institute and its contractors in publicly accessible places on campus grounds. The plan is currently under review. As part of the review process community members may provide feedback on the Plan.

Please provide feedback in writing to:

TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, Manager Assets and Infrastructure Planning, Albury Campus, Poole Street, Albury NSW, 2640 or email Matt Bennett

For further information please contact Riverina Institute, Manager Assets and Infrastructure Planning on 02 6058 2704.

Policy updated June 2016

TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Pesticide Use Notification Plan



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