Connected Learning Classrooms

Connected Learning Classrooms

At TAFE NSW we use Connected Learning Classrooms, an exciting and easy to use system of digital classrooms where students and teachers from across our region join together for classes from just about anywhere.

How do Connected Learning Classrooms work?

A Connected Learning Classroom is just like a regular classroom, but teachers and students use the latest video conferencing technology to join in from different locations.

Your teacher can be in one TAFE location, and you can join the class from another TAFE location using video conferencing equipment or a mobile device. You can also join in from a venue in a participating regional community

You will be able to see and talk to your teacher and other students as though they were in the room with you. You will also have access to support to meet your learning needs.

How is a Connected Learning Classroom structured?

Depending on the course you select, you may have a number of Connected Learning sessions scheduled each week, or you may only have one or two each Semester. There will be allocated times when you will connect for either course content, questions, assessment tasks or practical sessions.

What courses can I study?

You can study a number of courses across career areas via Connected Learning Classrooms, from short courses through to Certificate level.

Where is my nearest Connected Learning Classroom?

You can study at any TAFE location in our region or, any one of these partnering regional communities including:

Click here to view all current Connected Learning Classrooms

Please note: If you are a business and have compatible video conferencing equipment you can possibly access Connected Learning Classroom training in-house.

For more information about Connected Learning Classrooms call 131 601.

Connected Learning Classrooms ensure that students from our regional communities can join courses being offered from anywhere in our region - this means you have more choices in more places.

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