Apprenticeships for your Business

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training 

At TAFE NSW we deliver professional training to apprentices and trainees. This training is known as Australian Apprenticeships and combines work with training so employees can earn as they learn; meaning they will train and learn on-the-job.

So what do Australian Apprenticeships involve?

  1. Paid employment under an appropriate industrial arrangement (e.g. an award or enterprise agreement).
  2. A training contract that is signed by both the employer and apprentice/trainee and registered with the NSW Department of Education and Communities.
  3. Structured training on-the-job (in most cases the training agreement will include structured off-the-job training as well).
  4. A training program, delivered by a Riverina Institute that leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

How long is an Australian Apprenticeship?

The time frame varies depending on the needs of a business or individual - the one constant guarantee however is the high standard of training.


To find out more, contact one of our Workforce and Community Development Managers 


Benefits of Australian Apprenticeships

There are numerous benefits to the Australian Apprenticeships program at Riverina Institute, including:

  • Training for all types of workers – we don’t just offer training for apprentices and new entrant trainees, but also for existing workers, part time workers and school-based trainees.
  • Your own recruitment team - Australian Apprenticeships are a great recruitment option. You (the employer) get to choose your own apprentice or trainee and YOU make the hiring decision. While training, your apprentice or trainee will be working towards a nationally recognised qualification, becoming qualified and meeting current industry standards.
  • Existing staff recognition: Your current staff can also have their skills formally recognised.
  • Flexibility: We offer flexible delivery modes to meet your workplace and training needs. Training can be delivered in the workplace, in the classroom at your nearest TAFE NSW location, by distance education, online, or any combination of these.


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