Are you leaving School?

Are you about to leave, or have recently left school?

Are you looking for the next step that needs to be taken so you can get that career you always wanted?

If you answered yes, then TAFE NSW can give you the perfect start to realising your dreams by providing you with:

  • The right qualifications for the job you want.
  • Highly sought after workplace skills that are recognised and regarded by employers.
  • Work experience in your chosen industry as part of some of our courses.
  • A full range of apprenticeships and traineeships including pre-apprenticeship courses.
  • Skills recognition gained through TVET, HSC studies and employment.
  • Pathways to higher-level TAFE courses.
  • Pathways from TAFE to University.
  • The choice of full time study or to combine part time study and work. You can even complete your qualification online if available for your course.


So what are your options?

Your next steps with regard to furthering your education depend on your age and what level of study you’ve completed so far.

You’re under the age of 17 and want to leave school

You must firstly finish Year 10 at school and then continue in either full-time education, training, paid employment or combinations of these until you’re at least 17.

Once you’ve satisfied those requirements your options are:

  • Do a full-time course with us or another Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
  • Take up an apprenticeship or traineeship.
  • Do a combination of work and study to make a full-time workload.
  • Get a full-time job.

Is there any way you can study without having completed Year 10 or reached 17yrs of age?

Yes, there’s a way. Under exceptional circumstances, we’ll offer Certificate II vocational courses for a small number of young people. You’ll need permission from your parents or caregivers, your school and TAFE, and the decision will be based on your skills and ability to study in an adult learning environment, as well as, your interest in specific vocation or job.


You’re over 17 years of age but haven’t completed your HSC

If you’re over 17, leaving school, but haven’t completed the Higher School Certificate (HSC), you have the following study options: 

  •  Complete a full-time or part-time course to provide you with the skills and qualifications employers want.
  •  Do an apprenticeship or traineeship that combines formal studies with work and on-the-job training.
  •  Do a pre-apprenticeship to help you gain an apprenticeship or traineeship.


You’ve completed your HSC

If you’ve completed your HSC, you can go down many paths including:

  • A full time or part time course to give you the skills and qualifications employers want.
  • A Diploma or Advanced Diploma course, which may provide credit towards a uni course.
  • An apprenticeship or traineeship that combines formal studies with work and on-the-job training.
  • A pre-apprenticeship that develops your employability skills and leads to an apprenticeship.


Can I get credit for prior learning?

Yes, you can gain recognition of prior learning through TVET, other HSC studies and employment. This means that if you choose to study with us at TAFE NSW you may not have to repeat some units if you’ve already done so at school.

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