Aboriginal Education and Training Services



The Riverina-Murray region is the traditional homeland of the Wiradjuri, Barkinji, Ngiyampaa, Wamba Wamba and the Perrepa peoples who are the traditional custodians on which TAFE NSW provides educational training services.


Our Approach to Training

TAFE NSW has the proven capability and the cultural understanding to provide authentic training programs to local Aboriginal communities in the Riverina-Murray region.

Through high quality training programs, TAFE NSW works towards the social and economic inclusion of the Aboriginal people of this region. We currently engage with local Aboriginal people and their communities to increase educational and training outcomes, to promote participation in the business sector and increase employment opportunities for Aboriginal students. TAFE NSW's personalised and flexible approach is enhancing higher-level workforce skills and qualifications that are relevant for Aboriginal learners and community organisations.

We recognise and acknowledge the challenges Aboriginal Australians face to overcome adversity and prejudice and to rise above disadvantage.

TAFE NSW is working toward building a stronger understanding and respect between Aboriginal Australians and Non-Aboriginal Australians. We offer customised training programs to support potential employers to ensure the private sector and job network providers have a sound level of cultural information to support Aboriginal employees.


Community Partnerships

The NSW Aboriginal Education and Community Group (AECG) are our lead community partners. In the spirit of partnership, State, Regional and Local AECG and the NSW Department of Education and Training work collaboratively to develop and implement inclusive policies.


Key Positions & Responsibilities

The Manager of Aboriginal Education and Training

The Manager of Aboriginal Education and Training drives TAFE NSW's Aboriginal Education and Training strategy by providing professional leadership, direction and support. Additionally, the Manager provides specialist advice on a range of Aboriginal cultural practices and strategic direction.

The Manager of Aboriginal Education and Training also provides strategic advice to Industry and to other Government Departments with the goal of building a stronger Aboriginal workforce.

Telephone: 02 6938 1267

Email: Sonia Shea


Aboriginal Workforce Community Development Managers

This vital team engages with communities, industry, government and non-government agencies to identify skills demand as well as workforce and community development needs.

This engagement includes the promotion of the full range of TAFE NSW courses and services to community and industry. While fulfilling these duties the team also develops strategies to increase Aboriginal participation and course completions.


Aboriginal Student Support Officers

The Aboriginal Student Support Officers provide personal support to Aboriginal students. They provide a referral service to relevant Government Departments if required and they also raise awareness of Aboriginal student achievements in the campus and local Aboriginal communities.

Watch this video for more information on the great services and support supplied by the Aboriginal Services unit.

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