Art and Design; Hair, Beauty and Massage; Hospitality; Information Technology

At Riverina Institute we offer a number of pathways into Service Industries to help you get that dream job

When we talk about a career in the 'Service Industry' we’re speaking of areas such as hospitality, art and design, information and technology, and hair, beauty and massage. 

Why Hospitality; Hair, Beauty & Massage; Art and Information Technology?

At Riverina Institute we provide you with ‘real world’ training that gives you the best chance of a career in your chosen field. And, when you study with us we give you the opportunity to learn invaluable and transportable skills that can offer you the chance to work anywhere in the world. 

About the department

Our programs are the perfect stepping stone to realising your dream of working in your chosen service industry. We’ll equip you with the practical skills and the knowledge to successfully gain employment and achieve your career goals.

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