Education Pathways

We offer you the support you need to build your skills to start your new career

Embarking on a new direction in life? At TAFE NSW we’ll equip you with the skills you need, in a supportive environment.

Why Education Pathways?

We offer a whole range of study options to choose from, including a range of English courses to develop your spoken and written English skills, fundamental maths that you can apply in the real world, study skills to help you get the most from your course, and presentation and communication skills to give you the confidence to go further.

About the department

Education Pathway courses allow you to develop your skills in areas such as Maths, English, Communication, Computing and Study. Completion of these qualifications can assist you to improve your performance in your current job, access better employment opportunities, retrain for a new career choice, or can act as pathway to further education or training. 

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