A career in this area means you could be working in a number of sectors including forest growing and management, harvesting and haulage, sawmilling and processing, wood panel products, pulping operations and papermaking operations.

Our Forest Industry Training Centre (FITC) at the Tumut campus is the ideal place to receive your training in this growing industry. The centre aims to help expand forest industry training by working closely with industry to understand future workforce development needs and increase access to training places.

Why choose Forestry?

The forest industry covers a broad range of enterprises including growing, harvesting, milling, timber processing and paper making and offers a range of careers. With over 25,000 people employed in the industry in NSW alone it is very much a key industry.

Our Forest Industry Training Centre’s philosophy is based on the need to take practical training and assessment services out to the forest industry. The Institute uses industry specialists and develops enterprise-based training and assessment teams across the workforce to deliver training programs.

The skills that you learn with us can be taken to any similar type of enterprise in any state of Australia where growing or production takes place. This means you could be working in a nursery, forest, or some of the most advanced timber processing and paper making plants in the world.

About the department

The Forestry Department delivers training programs throughout NSW, and now increasingly into Victoria and Queensland. We’re moving beyond the traditional forest programs of chainsaw and safety training to meet the diverse and increasingly high-tech needs of the forest growing, harvesting and processing sectors. Our training outcomes now include understanding the concepts of business and environmental sustainability.

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