What is Harvesting and Haulage?

Harvesting and Haulage cover essential aspects of the forest industry such as:

  • Training in the harvesting of timber using harvester and forwarder machinery, including optimising the resource
  • Training and assessment in the haulage of timber in the forest
  • Scheduling and maintenance of machinery
  • Allied skills such as chemical use, chainsaw operation and fire fighting
  • The management of environmental risk, such as biodiversity, soil, water and cultural features

Who should study Harvesting and Haulage?

At the Forest Industry Training Centre (FITC) we encourage harvest crew machine operators, log truck drivers and supervisors of operations to obtain a full qualification in Harvesting and Haulage. This will allow them to enhance their knowledge and skills in environmental care, best practice harvesting, safe work practices and optimise the value from the forest.

Harvesting and Haulage is a good entry level qualification for those wishing to pursue a career in forestry.

Employers can also benefit from having their workers trained to a nationally recognised standard in Harvesting and Haulage.

It is possible to combine study of this course with a qualification in Forest Growing and Management. Contact us to discuss your eligibility.

You may continue your study with us in this qualification from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma. Check out our Career Pathways page.

Harvesting and Haulage Skillsets

There are skillsets provided by the FITC specific to a number of operations in the forest:

  • Skillset for a native forest operator
  • Sustainable Private Native Forestry
  • Private Native Forestry Operations Supervision
  • Private Native Forest Planner
  • Skillset for a plantation forest operator
  • Skillset for soil and water protection (roading)
  • Plantation forest operator
  • Log Truck Driver

By combining these short courses or skillsets together with other specific units, it may be possible to obtain forest operator accreditation, which can lead to a full qualification. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us today.

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