What is Sawdoctoring?

Sawdoctors make, repair, maintain and sharpen a wide range of cutting tools and saw blades. They also maintain mechanical parts of a range of production machines, primarily in saw mills.

Sawdoctors may perform the following tasks:

  • Manufacture saw blades from blank sheets or strips of steel
  • Straighten and stretch steel in circular and band saws
  • Operate hand and power tools, machines and mechanical equipment
  • Mill, grind, press or sharpen cutting tools
  • Weld tools, saws and cutting edges
  • Manufacture and maintain the straightness and balance in all cutting tools and saw blades
  • Use hand skills to manipulate machines to sharpen saws and cutting tools so that they produce the required surface finish on sawn or milled products
  • Maintain a range of mechanical parts on sawing machinery used in timber processing

In our state of the art work-shop in Tumut, the Forest Industry Training Centre (FITC) is now in a position to offer the Certificate III in Sawdoctoring to the Forest and Forest Products Industry.

Who should study Sawdoctoring?

This trade is suited to individuals who are working in a sawmill environment, as the student will be required to develop and improve skills learned in our workshop at their workplace.

If you currently work in a sawmill, please discuss with your line manager about entering into this iconic trade, either as an apprentice or as a mainstream student.

Sawmill enterprises that would like to engage with us with regard to training and assessment in Sawdoctoring, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Skillsets in Sawdoctoring

Given the wide range of equipment that we have here in Tumut, we are able to offer customer-specific training on a range of units of competency. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

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