A career in this area includes a range of exciting and innovative roles including organic production manager, rural property manager, permaculture community development or project officer, community development supervisor, project coordinator/supervisor in permaculture/agriculture/horticulture/land management.

In its most basic terms, Organic Farming/Agro-ecology is a food production system based on using the science of ecology to develop and manage food production.

Our courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge related to organics and/or permaculture and how to practically apply these in the field.

Why choose Organics and Permaculture?

The organics and permaculture industries are growing significantly as people recognise the need for a different approach to managing the land and producing food. There are new and emerging careers for people in these areas, such as the ones outlined above.

Additionally, the skills and knowledge gained are transferable to any organic or permaculture system anywhere in the world.

About the department

The Organic Farming and Permaculture Department is located within The National Environment Centre (NEC) at Thurgoona. The NEC is home to a 180 hectare certified organic farm that’s used as a teaching tool for students who study on-campus. It produces organic lamb, paddock pork, pasture eggs, honey, olives, vegetables, grains for flour and mushrooms.

Our Courses are taught by professionals often sought after by key industry and community groups for conferences, forums and advice. Courses are also offered from Certificate II through to Diploma and can be part-time, full-time or by flexible delivery. Each program is tailored to suit the needs of the individual student and the type of enterprise they work in.

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