TAFE NSW National Centre for Emergency Management Studies

The TAFE NSW's National Centre for Emergency Management Studies provides training and professional development for emergency service personnel who seek to increase their skills and confidence in executing their roles. This includes the varied work requirements of mitigating against, preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters and emergencies. Our training promotes strong performance, based on practical exercises, and provides a solid foundation for leadership roles.

Our products ultimately flexible:

For industry

  • The Centre works closely with industry to identify and respond to training demand using delivery methods and support systems that are scalable, adjust to disaster seasons, and provide quality training facilitated by outstanding practitioners
  • Industry are encouraged to work cross agency and organisation, and in partnership with the National Centre for Emergency Management to ensure that multi-agencies, representing a multi hazard environment are present the training event.
  • All units can include face-to-face training in state/region nominated by industry
  • Industry may require desire personnel to undertake the training as professional development, or as nationally recognised accredited training
  • Industry may seek an RPL pathway for their staff

For individuals

  • Individuals can undertake training as professional development, or they can undertake assessment in each competency, and achieve national competencies
  • Those seeking a qualification can achieve the Advanced Diploma in Public Safety (Emergency Management) by accruing the required competencies over a two to three year period.
  • 5 units can be undertaken online to support individuals to achieve the qualification
  • 6 of the 8 core units include a face-to-face workshop conducted in your state, or a state accessible to you.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer are available for people with previous experience or qualifications

When disasters occur, they can have devastating effects on individuals, communities and even countries. The Centre for Emergency Management aims to build the skills, qualifications and employability of people involved in emergency management across Australia. We are committed to providing quality training at reasonable costs that is practical, accessible and flexible. We are passionate about maintaining our way of life, and we seek to do this by equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage our communities’ resilience and response to natural events.


The National Centre for Emergency Management provides nationally recognised training to organisations and individuals in the public safety and emergency services industries. We offer:

  • Accredited vocational education and training, available for individuals based anywhere in Australia.
  • Competencies from the Advanced Diploma in Public Safety (Emergency Management) are offered flexibly as individual skill sets to meet the needs of individuals and industry.
  • Customised professional development programs to meet the needs of organisations.
  • Workshops, forums, focus groups, master-classes and conferences on topics that are relevant to the sector and support a shared understanding of key issues, related research and future directions for emergency management.

We work closely with emergency management agencies such as fire, police and SES, and organisations with a role in emergency management including NGOs such as the Red Cross, local government workers, and State Government workers such as those in the health and environment sectors.


Since its establishment in 2015, the National Centre for Emergency Management has become an industry leader with a successful record of providing quality training to support the professionalisation of the sector. Some of our key goals include:

  • To address the significant need for training in emergency management. Seen in the context of climate change, disaster management is fast becoming a central player in the collective consciousness of communities across the country, and yet the provision of training is patchy. We seek to try to fill some of the substantial gaps in the market, not just in NSW, but nationally.
  • To train future industry leaders. While there are options for emergency management qualifications in higher education, there is an urgent need for training that focuses on non-operational leadership. The training we provide is practical and can support a scaffolded career path into higher education for future leaders of the sector.
  • To deliver training and education Australia-wide. We have provided quality training services in NSW for more than a decade and are now establishing a national service.
  • To enhance the industry relationships we have to support learning and innovation. The strong relationships we have developed with emergency management agencies over a long period of time are of immeasurable value and will continue to enhance the level of training we can provide.


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