Women in Trades 

The NSW Government is committed to increasing the number of women working in male-dominated trades. Women currently represent less than 25% of the workforce employed in the trades sector making up only 13 per cent of trade apprentices and trainees in NSW*, with most women opting to pursue apprenticeships in traditional areas such as hairdressing and catering.

Women today have the capacity to match it with the boys and come highly regarded within the trades for their professionalism, attention to detail, focus and work ethic…..No longer is strength an aptitude to do the job.

A career in the trades can offer women the opportunity:

  • To earn a greater income than traditional trade areas
  • To have increased job choice and security
  • To be self employed

TAFE NSW is proud to be supporting the NSW Premier’s priorities of boosting and increasing the engagement of women into non-traditional trade areas through the development of a Mentoring Program that will comprise of a range of supports, activities, workshops and videos that will be designed to empower women and give them greater options and choices in their career choices.

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