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Our Vision

Is to inspire regional prosperity and in partnership grow nationally.

Our Purpose

Is to build the skills, qualifications and employability of people in regional Australia.

All our staff make a difference to our students

People work at TAFE NSW as we know that education changes lives. We employ teachers, customer service, class support, finance, HR, IT, administration, workforce development and management staff. Working together, every role makes a difference. Whatever your work background you can also change lives by working in vocational education.

TAFE NSW values its people

Customer service, integrity, innovation, courage and passion are values that drive how we work. As an educational organisation, we recognise that our people are critical to success. Working in Riverina gives you opportunities to build your skills and work in different roles. Make the change and create new opportunities at Riverina.

As a teacher you can pass on your skills and knowledge

We seek the best qualified and experienced people from many industries to build the skills of the next generation. Working for us you can keep your current job and teach casual hours, or seek full time employment. Keeping up with the times is important and we support you to keep your skills current.

We employ staff in

  • Administration Support
  • Art and Design
  • Automotive
  • Building and Plumbing
  • Business
  • Community Services
  • Customer Service
  • Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Education Pathways
  • Electrotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Environment & Forestry
  • Finance & Business
  • Hair, Beauty and Massage
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Mining and Civil Services
  • Sport Recreation
  • Workforce Development

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Our commitment to aligning with industry needs is achieved through the close working relationships that our teaching staff have with industry partners and clients and our strong support for students gaining their qualifications in the workplace.

We build the skills, qualifications and employability of people in regional Australia. This ensures that benefits to graduates include excellent employment prospects, high salaries and improved chances of promotion.

We focus on supporting rural and remote regions to develop skilled professionals locally. Through videoconferencing, online courses and the use of the latest technology, the Institute brings training from the campus to the home or workplace and provides opportunities for more people to study on their own terms.

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